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Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliances

Dentistry, Orthodontics and Osteopathy - working in partnership

Wednesday 8th October 2014, Cambridge

Eastern Region BSSCMD Study Group

Invites you to an evening seminar to learn about how these exciting and innovative appliances can integrate the beneficial effects of orthodontic correction of tooth alignment and occlusion with cranial function and health. Helen Harrison, principal of Granta Dental  and Yvonne Ayliffe, principal of Tacolneston & Aylsham.

Gavin James, who led a seminar at Granta Dental in May, and Darick Nordstrom discovered the power of lightweight wires, continuously adjust to challenge the tongue and muscles to create movement of the teeth, sutures and bones. The ALF can be used in three key areas to:

  • Correct distortions of the skull; 
  • Correct distortions of the maxillae (bone that supports the upper teeth); and 
  • Correct the alignment of the upper and lower teeth to improve the bite.

Structural distortions of the skull bones can develop from birthing trauma, genetics, misalignments that result from loose teeth or premature loss of teeth, auto accidents and contact sports or any trauma to the head. The appliance can also be used to treat upper neck; shoulder or even lower back problems since malposition of the teeth directly affect these areas as well as many other body functions.  The ALF brings together the dentist and the osteopath.

Osteopaths will:

  • Introduce the principles and clinical application of ALF
  • Share case examples
  • Demonstrate how a collaborative approach enhances treatment speed and outcomes

The study group meeting will take place in Granta’s brand new purpose built training and treatment suite in Cambridge.

Time 1830-2030; 2 hours verifiable CPD.  Cost £119 Course Reference ALF2014

Limited places – BACS payment secures your place; register at