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All the Ms - Moldova, Manchester and Milwaukee

It isn’t really the case that I only lecture in cities beginning with ‘m’ – but this is proving to be an exciting year with new countries to see and venues to visit, sharing best practice, enthusiasm and passion for giving patients the best treatment possible and by encouraging dentists to use the technology readily available.

Whether it is next week's 15 minute hot tips slot at 1430, Thursday 10th April at BDA's British Dental Conference and Exhibition, (Manchester Central Convention Complex 10-12 April) – a quick fire session on TMJ - Joint Vibration Analysis as part of a routine dental health assessment and objective measurement of TMJ function or an interesting and stimulating engagement at the two day course I taught in Moldova in February on' The temporomandibular Joint in Restorative Dentistry' - an evidence based and practical approach to stability and function for treatment predictability – it is all about sharing my experience over the last ten years of using objective diagnostic tools to inform the information I can share with patients and the decisions we make about their treatment.

Moldova was an amazing experience with real enthusiasm and engagement from a wide ranging audience at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Chisinau.  It was a challenging weekend with practitioners who were really interested in the potential of objective diagnostics tools and the impact they could have on understanding patients' issues and devising treatment plans.

Whether Manchester, Moldova or Milwaukee, where I will be lecturing on TMD Treatment Flowcharts based on BioPAK Findings in June at the BioResearch Associates' annual conference, accurate objective results which can replicated form the basis of good treatment decisions. There is a fascinating new study 'The reproducibility of temporomandibular joint vibrations over time in the human' J. Zhang, T. Whittle, L. Wang, andG. M. Murray published online: 7 FEB 2014 DOI: 10.1111/joor.12141. The aim of the study was to assess the reproducibility of vibrations recorded from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in a group of healthy subjects. The vibrations from TMJ were recorded bilaterally from 34 healthy subjects by electrovibratography in three sessions at intervals of 3 min and again after 1 week. All variables showed good to excellent reliability across different sessions. The wave patterns of the power-frequency spectra were qualitatively similar over both the sessions and days. Joint vibration analysis could provide a fast, non-invasive, and repeatable method to record the status of TMJ. 

BioResarch Inc biometrics kit, for which we are now the UK distributor, gives all dentists access to non-invasive, cost effective , objective, evidence based and easy to understand results; new tools for general and specialist dental practice to make treatment simpler, faster and predictable.

Posted on 4 April 2014
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