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BioResearch Conference Milwaukee May 2nd-5th 2013

A mad, body-clock defying, whistle stop visit to this unique conference. Neil Bukavs our practice therapist and I have returned with our brains and boots filled with ideas, plans and opportunities to further develop the holistic and extended team approach to dental care that is Granta Dental.

Teeth are an integral part of the function of the jaws and inextricably linked with the temporomandibular joints and facial muscles. Damage or problems in any one of the joints, muscles or teeth has an effect on the other two and in turn profoundly affects the vital functions of chewing, breathing and swallowing, let alone smiling, kissing, singing that we need our mouths to do.

The potential for improvement of quality of life in these respects for our patients is immense, but cannot be achieved without detailed and thorough diagnosis and understanding of the function and mechanisms of the temporomandibular joints and muscles in addition to the teeth. Our understanding of teeth is detailed but treatment of teeth in isolation from the wider issues is doomed to result in continuing problems of broken, worn and crowded teeth.

The BioRESEARCH conference is based around the diagnostic tools developed by the company and attracts dentists from all over the world to share in the use of tools to achieve objective measurements and analysis to aid and improve treatment success and preventive care. Granta Dental has invested in the full range of equipment for analysis of the temporomandibular joint, muscles and bite and working closely with BioRESEARCH is using the technology to its full extent.  There are other dental practices across the UK who are similarly using these tools. 

Backed by the significant volume of research and development with regard to the efficacy of the diagnostic equipment we are now looking to offer the benefits of temporomandibular joint screening to every patient at Granta Dental as we integrate the Joint Vibration Analysis test into every routine dental checkup, with no extra charge.

In addition we would like to make this simple screening test available to everyone so we are rolling out a service available to anyone to be either referred or just simply arrange an appointment for the test. Further plans involve linking up with the other UK practices who have the equipment to encourage them to  provide the screening in the same way.

The benefits? Over one third of adults in the UK have an undiagnosed problem with their jaw joint. These people are much more vulnerable and may even be already suffering from headaches, neck pain or damaged teeth as a result of this. Temporomandibular dysfunction TMD is a major cause of headaches and migraines and an estimated 80% of TMD sufferers also have sleep disruption, apnoea and snoring.

Accurate diagnosis of an underlying temporomandibular joint problem for these people could save them from expensive dental repairs, long term use of painkillers and disability due to back and neck pain.

Posted on 12 June 2013
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