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3 November 2015

Sticky Toffee and Tricks with Treats

With Halloween and Bonfire Night many children will be indulging in sweets, as well as deciding what costume to wear for trick and treating or fireworks parties, but don’t let these fun days turn into an oral health nightmare. Keep your child’s smiles safe from creepy cavities and sticky plaque.  Katie Collier, dental hygienist at Granta Dental talks about keeping your mouth healthy.

7 January 2015

New year resolutions - help choosing your dentist

We have been thinking about anxiety recently, particularly as we have a new therapist working with us at Granta Health - Amy Smith, who is a Licensed and Approved Thrive Consultant, fully qualified hypnotherapist, member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy.   Amy helps us provide a real wrap round service for patients at Granta Dental, especially helping them if they are concerned about visiting us, their dentist. 

19 December 2014

Perspective, not panic

It is not only your teeth which might be stressing you out at this time of year! Granta Dental can help directly with that – see what Dr Thomas O’Connor had to say recently on the subject  - Open wide it's only the dentist.

26 September 2014

Dental related sleep problems are a nightmare!

I am looking forward to joining the Somnomed Sleep Medicine course at the end of September where SomnoMed will be bringing together medical professionals with an interesting program for all sleep specialists. The course provides insights on the medical perspectives, hands on training on fitting of SomnoDent Oral Appliance Therapy and the ongoing management of patients diagnosed with Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). I am really pleased to see that the course includes presentations by a Sleep Physician, Neurologist, Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons and an experienced BSDSM Dentist and it will be a chance to learn more about sleep disordered breathing from specialist doctors and how to fit oral appliances from an oral medicine specialist.

17 September 2014

The body in balance

I am a yoga therapist who joined the Granta Health team in Cambridge in November because I was excited about Granta Health's understanding of the need for collaborative efforts to affect real change in dentistry thorugh working with the Granta Dental team.  I am currently continuing my training in yoga therapy with the Devon School of Yoga, where I qualified as a yoga teacher.  My study of yoga over the last ten years has involved physical and academic work, as well as training as bodyworker in Integrated Myofascial Release. 

27 August 2014

What is it about dentistry .............................

It is always a valuable exercise to be forced to explain yourself to someone else!  This happened recently when the lovely Jeremy Sallis from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire came to visit me recently for his Workplace Wednesday slot. It was great fun and we got our patients involved - hear Gregory and his mum talking to Jeremy about visiting the dentist in 2014 compared to last century! And there was the surprise appearance by our mystery piano player - although working here at the practice on the last Wednesday in August I think I have heard about three different pianists in the waiting room. Being asked what you love and hate about the job; why you are doing it really makes you think.   Having to answer succinctly - as you are not going to get much airtime really concentrates the mind - I did not know what Jeremy was going to ask. It made me realise that being able to make a difference to the lives of my patients is really important. I am so lucky to be in a job that is not routine or clock watching!  Sometimes it takes a long time to see the results of what I am working on with my patients; other times there are almost instant changes.  It is a privilege and it really matters - listen to what I had to say to Jeremy here.

4 July 2014

Those z waves - the impact of poor sleep patterns and what we can do about it

It isn’t just about the teeth! As a dentist I find that more and more I have to consider the patient holistically and that is why we chose to set up Granta Health which brings together the best therapists to work with the dental team here at Granta Dental, Cambridge. Osteopathy, butyeko, massage, yoga, myofascial release; patients can benefit from all these approaches in their daily lives as well as during their treatment.  However one key aspect of health that seems to be very topical at the moment and that is sleep and the impact poor sleep has on your life.

23 April 2014

Listening to the Machine - the systems in our bodies

What a title! I was really intrigued when we sat down to think about how to explain what Gavin James – who has led the development and implementation of the ALF appliance into clinical dentistry and orthodontics - was going to come and talk to us about. Listening to the Machine – Tensegrity & Engineering in Orthodontics – I think this really captures the dynamic tension of the bodies and systems that we need to deal with in helping diagnose and treat patients with TMD.

4 April 2014

All the Ms - Moldova, Manchester and Milwaukee

It isn’t really the case that I only lecture in cities beginning with ‘m’ – but this is proving to be an exciting year with new countries to see and venues to visit, sharing best practice, enthusiasm and passion for giving patients the best treatment possible and by encouraging dentists to use the technology readily available.

3 December 2013

When the music stops

Granta Dental’s relocation to new premises in 2012 proved to be just the start of a significant journey for me and the practice, which has resulted in an exciting and challenging year in 2013.  Delivery of the physical potential of attractive and accessible space has acted as a catalyst for the realisation of my vision of the scope of dental care; a collaborative, team approach to an holistic, minimally invasive and personalised service involving a diverse range of professionals committed to the principles of lifelong dental health.

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