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23 April 2014

Listening to the Machine - the systems in our bodies

What a title! I was really intrigued when we sat down to think about how to explain what Gavin James – who has led the development and implementation of the ALF appliance into clinical dentistry and orthodontics - was going to come and talk to us about. Listening to the Machine – Tensegrity & Engineering in Orthodontics – I think this really captures the dynamic tension of the bodies and systems that we need to deal with in helping diagnose and treat patients with TMD.

4 April 2014

All the Ms - Moldova, Manchester and Milwaukee

It isn’t really the case that I only lecture in cities beginning with ‘m’ – but this is proving to be an exciting year with new countries to see and venues to visit, sharing best practice, enthusiasm and passion for giving patients the best treatment possible and by encouraging dentists to use the technology readily available.

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