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Buteyko Breathing Training

How healthy is your breathing?  Breathing is the most vital of life functions but it is assumed to happen automatically and effectively.  Russian respiratory physiologist, Dr Konstantin Buteyko uncovered links between breathing function and volume and a number of significant health issues including asthma. 

  • Do you have sleeping difficulties?
  • Does your partner snore?
  • Is mouth breathing impacting your oral health?

The Buteyko method is widely practised for conditions including; asthma, high blood pressure, sleeping difficulties (snoring, insomnia, chronic fatigue & sleep apnoea), anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, bad breath, and dental/ craniofacial support.


Courses at Granta Dental

Granta Dental now offers Buteyko Breathing Training with qualified Buteyko practitioner, Joanna Burton, and feel the difference.  Joanna trained with renowned Buteyko practitioner Patrick Mckeown from the Buteyko Clinic. Sign up for initial 45 minute consultation (cost £45) or a short course of 3 sessions (45 minutes initial consultation and 2 follow up sessions; £135 adults £105 under 18s). Buteyko classes can be taken separately from a course of dental treatment – call 01223 461381 or email now to book your appointment.

The course will introduce 6 key exercises which can then be done at home - in front of the TV or while reading - or in the car or on your bike. The benefits are:

  • Improves sleep quality (reduces disturbances)
  • Speeds up orthopaedic treatment (supporting oro-facial development)
  • Improves fitness levels
  • Reduces bad breathing
  • Maintains healthy saliva which reduces tooth decay risk
  • No pharmaceuticals required
  • Feel improvements within 24 hours


The art of breathing

Surely we all know to breathe; did you know that many people in the western world breathe too much or breathe through their mouths? Buteyko is about the art of breathing.  The nose is an amazing organ; it filters out germs and pollution, it regulates the temperature and moistens the air and connects with your diaphragm. 

All babies and animals breathe through their noses but somehow we have forgotten this; modern diet, lack of exercise, air-borne allergies, asthma, stress, environmental factors and a belief it is good to take big breaths all change our breathing patterns.  In fact, big breathing can cause sleep problems, blocked noses, exacerbate asthma and allergy problems and lead to problems with your mouth and teeth.

Correct nasal breathing is also essential for correct dental and facial growth in children and young people, and, combined with good tongue function, helps ensure the long-term success and stability of many dental procedures in particular the alignment of teeth. Good breathing technique also improves sleep patterns leading to better school performance, enhances sports performance and improves general health.

For more information buy Patrick McKeown’s excellent Close Your Mouth book from Granta Dental.


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