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Celebration time

Part  7 of the story of our move to 39 Newnham Road

In this final part, we tell you about the last push to get the practice moved over to the new building. Our celebrations coincide with the opening of the London 2012 Olympics. How appropriate! Of course, we'd run our own Olympics.

The next deadline however was looming fast – the engineers from Clark Dental were booked to relocate dental chairs and x-ray equipment a fortnight later. Paperwork was frantically exchanged with CQC who insisted on a signed undertaking from me that no patient would be seen or treated in the building until we had the completed certification from CQC. They assured me that this would be completed within 10 days.

Nine days passed. We kept busy, most of the equipment, records and stock was shifted to the new location. The new decontamination room was fully commissioned.  The laboratory was set up, shelves put on walls, signs and the reception desk built. Our cleaner broke her foot. Contacts were chased and new cleaners employed. The building was occupied with activity almost 24 hours per day. On the tenth day there was nothing from CQC. I toyed with the idea of just carrying on without the paperwork but this made everyone nervous. On calling CQC the first response was that the paperwork may take 10 days... so I argued that they already had taken 10 days and unless it arrived today the business would face disruption simply due to administrative delay. Remarkably the necessary documentation arrived by e-mail the same afternoon. The equipment was relocated the following morning and the first patients to be treated at 39 Newnham Road were seen the next day. Wow.

We celebrated the opening on the evening of Friday 27 July 2012 just before the opening of the London Olympic games. We had run our own Olympics without dropping a single significant baton. Most importantly we had maintained service provision throughout, the surgery did not close for a single working day. There are many sub-stories and sequels. Management of the IT and phone infrastructure required a great deal of time and persistence from our administrator Mary who worked away in the background.  The computer server attempted to have the last laugh by rolling over just as soon as we had moved and requiring a major upgrade.

Granta Dental looks brand spanking new. Not exactly as originally planned and who knows, there may have been an easier route. However, the surface newness is backed up by years of development, systems, experience and an established goodwill that makes this newness particularly pleasing. The project continues. We have further developments planned, space to enlarge and modify our ideas and to open up opportunities for those that wish to take them. The vision going forwards is one of collaborative health care, a patient journey that begins with the easily understood dental service but extends according to individual need. We are all only ever really limited by the extent of our imagination.


Photo of sitting area

Beautiful sitting area

Photo of dental equipment

And spanking new environment

Photo of dental treatment area

For your dental care

Posted on 29 November 2012
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