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Joint Vibration Analysis  JVA

The temporomandibular joint, TMJ, is the skeletal foundation of the stomatognathic system; comprising the mouth, teeth, tongue and muscles of mastication and facial expression.  This enigmatic joint is the most used in the body and yet is often overlooked as the source of dental and facial pain problems because it is so difficult to assess reliably by observation or palpation.

Joint Vibration Analysis provides an inexpensive, non-invasive and repeatable measurement of TMJ function to aid diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the function and condition of the TMJ is vital to any treatment that affects the bite or position of the lower jaw. Treatments that benefit from JVA testing include orthodontics, restorative dentistry, sleep/snoring appliances, splint therapy for relief of headaches or tooth grinding.

JVA is a diagnostic aid, recording any vibration emanating from the joint in function. When the joint is healthy, it operates smoothly without friction or vibration. If the joint surfaces become rough, or tissue is damaged or displaced within the joint, vibrations occur.

Why JVA?

At Granta Dental we use these state of art, simple diagnostic tests for:

  • Identificaton of the presence of joint problems before symptoms occur
  • Accurate diagnosis to improve predictability of treatment
  • Informing and educating patients about their own TMJ health
  • Testing and monitoring treatments for reliable results


When is JVA useful?

A JVA is indicated for any patient presenting with:

  • Pain – dental or facial pain that cannot be explained by the presence of a tooth cavity or fracture
  • Difficulties with chewing, swallowing or speaking
  • A requirement for significant dentistry – crowns, orthodontics or provision of implants or dentures, or any treatment that may stress the jaw; removal of third molars or intubation for general anaesthetic.


How do I arrange a JVA?

JVAs are now included routinely in every adult dental examination at Granta Dental.

Self-referral for a JVA test is also available, simply call to arrange an appointment on 01223 461381 or email us. The basic test costs £59. If the test shows a positive finding you may request a full report and analysis. This costs £92.

We also accept referrals for JVA tests from any clinician. The test is run and reported by a trained dental care professional. Full analysis of the findings is completed by a qualified dentist if required. Complete the referral form and we will arrange an appointment with the patient and supply a written report.

Full case assessments for diagnosis and treatment planning to include a full clinical examination and range of investigations is available on specific referral to Dr Helen Harrison.

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