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Eastern Region Cranio Study Group

Eastern Region Cranio Study Group Inaugural Meeting

Friday 19th April 2013 Cambridge

Where Function Meets Teeth

An interactive, hands-on clinical meeting

* Clinical assessment of a patient with cranio-mandibular dysfunction

* Diagnosis and records  including photography, radiography, JVA and EMG analysis

* Collaborative interdisciplinary discussion on treatment strategies and clinical management

9.30am- 4.30pm     7 hours verifiable CPD

The meeting will be based around the clinical assessment of a volunteer patient suffering from symptoms of temporomandibular dysfunction and will include;

1. Clinical dental assessment of the patient, TMJ examination and history taking led by Helen Harrison

2. Diagnostic and biometric records; radiographs, photographs, jaw tracking, joint vibration analysis, electromyography, study casts and dental occlusal assessment led by Neil Bukavs.

3. Osteopathic assessment and diagnosis of the patient led by Alexander Taylor.

4. Clinical myofunctional assessment and diagnosis led by Eva Tanner

5. Hands-on participation

6. Plenary discussion of the options for treatment and management

Cost, including lunch, will be £120 for dental surgeons and £80 for physical therapists. 

Limited places - 25 delegates only

Payment by BACS will secure your place;  please register here and we will send you details by return.