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Listening to the Machine - the systems in our bodies

What a title! I was really intrigued when we sat down to think about how to explain what Gavin James – who has led the development and implementation of the ALF appliance into clinical dentistry and orthodontics - was going to come and talk to us about. Listening to the Machine – Tensegrity & Engineering in Orthodontics – I think this really captures the dynamic tension of the bodies and systems that we need to deal with in helping diagnose and treat patients with TMD.

Shifting the paradigm that is what Dr Gavin James from Toronto wants to do in Cambridge in May 2014. After years of practising in Canada and lecturing across the world as a specialist in treating temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Gavin has developed a hypothesis which addresses the challenges of stability and function in orthodontics.

Having read much of Gavin’s published works over the years I am looking forward to hearing direct from him how orthodontics can be integrated with cranial osteopathy, systems theory, resonance and tensegrity for better outcomes.

Co-treatment, an holistic approach – so many practitioners are reaching the same conclusion – look at the whole picture - working with TMD patients requires more than working with the body as machine and we must remember that the healing capacity of the body as a whole can be harnessed to support your treatment.

At Granta Dental we are expanding the team of therapists that we work with to deliver the best solution for our patients.  Co-treatment brings faster and better results – and I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working with osteopaths and other therapists.

All of this is set within the context of the dramatic advances in biophysics and cell engineering that have impacted on orthodontics.

I am delighted to be hosting Gavin James’ seminar on Friday 9th May; 0930 to 1630 at Granta’s brand new purpose built training and treatment suite in Cambridge.

Are you intrigued? To find out more at

Posted on 23 April 2014
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