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New year resolutions - help choosing your dentist

We have been thinking about anxiety recently, particularly as we have a new therapist working with us at Granta Health - Amy Smith, who is a Licensed and Approved Thrive Consultant, fully qualified hypnotherapist, member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy.   Amy helps us provide a real wrap round service for patients at Granta Dental, especially helping them if they are concerned about visiting us, their dentist. 

This phobia – or more likely a low level anxiety - about keeping your regular dentist and hygienist appointments was something I talked about when I was interviewed for You Tube Local Experts which aims to help people chose the right services for them - in this case their dentist.

You can see the interview, which took place in our wonderful new studio surgery here.

I tried to focus on three pieces of advice for someone who was new to any area and who needed to find a new dentist.  In my experience I think patients are focusing on:

  • Finding the right dentist for them – it is even more important to have empathy with your dentist than your hairdresser or barber – at least your hair will grow back! Have they got time for you, do they listen, can they explain what they are going to do?
  • Being comfortable – does the practice give off the right vibe?  Is it clean, friendly, easy to access, comfortable, welcoming ..... is there a piano in the waiting room?
  • Getting the services you need – these days it is more than just teeth!  Are you going get an holistic approach – your mouth and teeth can indicate a lot about your general health so is there a joined up approach and do they look at you as a person?  Can they cater for a tiny toddler as well as grandparents?  We all need an individual approach

At Granta Dental in Cambridge, which I established 25 years ago, we try very hard to focus on the things our patients want and need.  We take time and build a rapport.  We provide a supportive and educational environment; we want you to be in control. It is your health and you have the greatest influence over what happens to you, but we are working in partnership.

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Posted on 7 January 2015
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