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Perspective, not panic

It is not only your teeth which might be stressing you out at this time of year! Granta Dental can help directly with that – see what Dr Thomas O’Connor had to say recently on the subject  - Open wide it's only the dentist.

Granta Health can help as well.  For more information on how to beat those stresses/anxieties and any other unwelcome short or long term symptoms we have our very own 'Thrive' consultant now taking bookings from our practice – and Amy is well aware that Christmas can also be a stress buster. She has added her thoughts ......

Craving a CALM Christmas? Stress-free tips from the Thrive Programme.......

So, only a few days until Christmas.

How are you feeling?


Or frenzied?


Or overwhelmed?

Whether you’re looking forward to festive frivolity, decorating your house to Instagram-worthy perfection and catching up with your nearest and dearest, or worrying that you’ll never meet those end of year deadlines and get to the end of your To Do list, the Thrive Programme can help you to feel calm and in control without the stress.

Yes, that’s right, with a bit of help from the Thrive Programme you can appreciate the pleasures of Christmas without going into meltdown.


stress ometer 

Firstly, think perspective, not panic, and take control of your thinking. Stress sabotages success, which leads to… yes, more stress. Identify when your stress levels are starting to skyrocket, and think your way to calm. A few minutes to conquer your thoughts is time well spent during this busy holiday season. Mulled wine and a mince pie might really help the process….

Secondly, don’t let yourself fall into self-defeating perfectionism. Good enough really is good enough. Credit yourself for all you manage to achieve, be it buying presents, juggling a busy social schedule, remembering to place your online shopping order or simply finding the end of the sellotape (or simply FINDING the sellotape!) Keep a sense of perspective and be realistic.

Most importantly, be in the moment. Parties, Christmas cocktails, over-excited children and even Brussels sprouts: there will be plenty of memorable moments to enjoy over the coming weeks. Take the time to savour and appreciate the real spirit of Christmas.

Visit us and call 01223 461381 to book an appointment or go to and for more information on this life changing programme.

Posted on 19 December 2014
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