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Philosophy that founded Granta Dental

Granta Dental started in 1990 based on a desire to provide really good quality dentistry that would last. No new idea but I hoped to prove that taking time and dedicated practice to  deliver perfect fillings  would mean that the teeth that I worked on would last a lifetime.  Treatments were often lengthy or required several appointments and patience was required. Over a period of time I developed a regular following of patients who kept coming back for check ups and I noticed some curious trends. Some of my best work broke quite soon after it was done. Other seemingly identical fillings lasted perfectly. More surprisingly some fillings that had been placed in less ideal circumstances; when there was pain or an anxious person found it difficult to lie in the dental chair for long periods, perfomed better. (Cont....)

This led us to reinforce all the aspects of oral health that we understood to cause dental problems; hygiene and diet. Many of our highly motivated patients took their toothbrushing and diet very seriously and yet they still suffered broken teeth and fillings. Others were less fastidious and yet had no problems.

I have observed that certain people seem to get distressing levels of damage and breakdown to their teeth despite intensive efforts to look after them. I got to know these people quite well as they tended to consult us on a regular basis. I learned more about them as people and other aspects of their health in addition to their dental issues. There are a lot of recurrent themes, stress, headaches, neck and back problems, anxiety and marked gag reflex to name but a few. It occurred to me to wonder why dentistry and dentists are so feared and so often the butt of jokes. Could there be a connection?

The philosophy of dental care at Granta Dental has developed out of a growing realisation of the influence of teeth on the whole body and vice versa. Teeth are not simply a tool for chewing food but an essential component of our well being. They can cause us acute pain because they are so highly sensitive, providing more tactile feedback than our fingers and warning us when something is out of balance. If we ignore the early signals the teeth become damaged and broken and the imbalance persists and may even get worse. The consequence is often an acceptance that continuing dental repairs and treatments are inevitable  as we get older. Granta Dental’s team work in close conjunction with osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists as a routine part of the treatments we offer.  Integrating an understanding of the wider function of the jaw joints and posture enables us to control the forces applied to teeth so treatments to repair teeth are less invasive, cheaper and last longer.

Granta Dental has recently acquired new premises in Newnham Road to allow a significant expansion of our facilities and this will include bringing more of our partner clinicians onto the team to work together to provide a seamless service.

Posted on 19 September 2011
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