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Practitioner referrals

We are happy to offer a full range of diagnostic, preventive, and specialist services to patients referred by a dentist, doctor, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional.

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We accept referral for treatments including:

  • temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)
  • headaches, swallowing dysfunction and sleep disruption
  • occlusal investigation and management
  • orthopaedic orthodontics; tooth alignment and jaw positioning 
  • facial pain
  • corrrection of oral habits; snoring, thumb sucking, clenching and grinding
  • repair and manangement of tooth wear, sensitivity and damage
  • endodontics and management of pain caused by pulpal inflammation or infection
  • prosthodontics; repair and replacement of teeth

An initial consultation will almost always be accompanied by further investigations and diagnostic tests which will be reported in full together with our opinions and recommendations for treatment. Treatments carried out at Granta Dental will be handled as a team approach in order that each element of the treatment is carried out by the most suitable clinician.  As the referring practitioner you are likely to be part of this team and we would like you to continue with all the aspects of your patient's care that you feel best able to provide. You can always chose to attend with your patient at one of our co-treatment days.

When treatments are being planned and delivered, we'll always strive for clear and ongoing communication between us and you, the referring practitioner.

If you are referrring a patient, please complete the Practitioner Referral Form below to provide us with as much relevant information as possible.

We are also able to accept patient self-referrals for registration for general dental care and treatments, as well as for second opinions or reports; for the New Patients' Registration Form, click here.

Practitioner Referral Form

Dear Referring Practitioner

Thank you for your referral. If you fill out this form, we will contact your patient to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We will of course do our best in the management of this case, and will keep you fully informed about the treatment of your patient.

Please fill out the form online and press submit when you have finished. Alternatively, for a printed form, click on this link and print out the PDF version of the form, then fill it in. You can either give it to your patient to bring when they come for their appointment, or send it in advance to our postal address: Granta Dental,  Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EY.

This referral is addressed to:

Please can you arrange to see the following patient:

Practitioner contact information

Front desk 023

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