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Preventing Infection

Preventing infection

Many of the problems that dentistry treats involve controlling infection. You constantly expose your mouth to foods and other items that are full of bacteria - then these bacteria attack your teeth and gums. Gum infection is the most common problem and can lead to tooth loss. On the other hand, teeth are the parts of the body most vulnerable to infection because they're not covered by a protective layer of skin and have only a limited blood supply. Plus, you work your teeth very hard by chewing on them several times a day, and this can cause cracks or gum damage which means bacteria can take hold.

At Granta Dental, we advise several ways to prevent infection. The first is to keep up your regular visits to our dental hygienist to maintain and support your oral health.

Saliva Testing also allows us to spot in advance if your saliva - which usually acts to protect your teeth - isn't working properly and so your mouth is especially vulnerable to infection.

We also use two technical solutions. Photoactivated (laser) disinfection and ozone treatment both restore the balance of bacteria and then - followed by specific mouthwashes, toothpastes and special gels, along with good diet - eliminate the cause of cavities and strengthen the tooth enamel. We'll be happy to discuss whether these treatments can help you.