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At Granta Dental, we're committed to advancing dental care not only by offering the highest quality dental treatment to our patients, but also by working alongside dental and other health professionals in their patient care, and by sharing information and expertise.

In an exciting new development in February 2013, Helen Harrison established the BSSCMD Eastern Region Study Group Meeting to bring together multidisciplinary professionals. For details of meetings and membership click here.

Other ways in which we work with fellow professionals include:

  • patient referrals - find out how to refer patients for dental services and specialist treatments relating to temporomandibular joint and craniomandibular dysfunction here.  Remember you can attend at Granta Dental with your patient for a referral co-treatment day - more details here
  • collaborative care - working with other professionals
  • diagnostic services - access our stand-alone diagnostic screening packages for your patients here
  • courses and presentations - see our range of lectures and courses on clinical and practice management and procedures, particularly in the field of temporomandibular therapy here
  • research and study - contact us to access our reference library and consider joining membership of the British Society for the Study of Craniomandibular Disorders


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 Collaborative care

Course dates announced 

Patients often have problems where their teeth or temporomandibular joint function are part of a bigger picture of thier health and function. Many of these people are already very knowlegeable about their own needs may already have care in place from a trusted dentist, osteopath, chiropractor, physical therapist or other professional. At Granta Dental we would always prefer to work in collaboration to help with diagnosis and treatments for which we have particular expertise while maintaining existing patient/professional relationships by means of good communications and a desire to work collaboratively. Why not join our growing network by registering your details here and find details of our planned co-treatment days here.


Diagnostic Services

Appropriate and effective patient care relies on accurate diagnosis. Objective recording and assessment is key to both diagnosis and risk assessment prior to treatment. At Granta Dental we use a range of biometric measuring devices in conjunction with a clinical diagnostic protocol to provide information about temporomandibular joint, muscle and occlusal condition and function. A stand-alone diagnostic screening package is available for patients on referral from their dentist either prior to treatment or to monitor treatment outcomes and stability. Request this service for your patients by clicking here.  Or find out how to do this yourself by attending one of our new courses.


Research and Study

We are keen to share our resources with interested colleagues and clinical partners.  Articles, course notes, proforma forms for treatments and diagnosis and the specialist bibliographies that form our library at Granta Dental are available on request.  To access these we ask you to register your details with us and consider membership of the British Society for the Study of Craniomandibular Disorders. Granta has a series of study days planned  - find out more here.



If you are looking to join a high level, committed team of dental and allied professionals; check if we have any current openings here.

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