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Removing mercury fillings

Many people are concerned about the mercury amalgam fillings in their mouths and the effect that these fillings may have on health.

At Granta Dental, we don't use normally use amalgam fillings unless other materials won't provide the treatment you need.

If you have existing amalgam fillings and are worried about them, our routine advice is that you shouldn't replace these fillings unless there's clear clinical evidence that they're either broken or leaking.

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If you want your fillings replaced for cosmetic reasons, we'll examine the teeth concerned and report back to you whether replacing the fillings will cause any damage. If we decide to go ahead, then we'll select a suitable non-mercury filling material for you to approve before we do the replacement.

If you want your fillings replaced for health reasons - perhaps irritation, fatigue or persistent ill-health - we'll first take a full medical history with particular reference to times you may have been ill following dental treatment. We'll carry out a full investigation of your oral health, then remove any sources of chronic infection that may be in your mouth. 

If you do decide to have your mercury fillings removed, then we do the following:

  • While we remove your fillings we can use a rubber dam, protective clothing, a ventilation mask and high volume suction so that you don't breathe in any harmful vapour or debris.
  • We'll use the drill as little as possible to avoid your breathing in mercury.
  • We can arrange dietary advice, nutritional supplements and oral nutritional chelation therapy to help your body eliminate mercury before and after treatment.

We will always help you make the right decision about your fillings based on your medical and dental history and on your individual needs.

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