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Repairing damage

If your teeth, gums or jaws are damaged - by decay, injury or simple wear-and-tear - we offer a range of repair possibilities.

Most obviously, where a tooth's damaged, we can fill it, or where infection's really taken hold, carry out a root canal treatment. With small areas of decay, we may be able to use fissure sealants, ozone treatment, and photo-activated (laser) disinfection to repair the damage with less intervention, often with no drilling at all. Where necessary, we can then crown the damaged tooth, add a veneer, or replace the tooth completely with an implant or dentures to allow you to smile happily once again.

When it comes to gum problems, the starting point for repair is your regular visit to our hygienist, who can also offer a range of specially targeted treatment and advice. Dr Helen Harrison has expertise in the management of jaw joint problems plus orthopaedics and orthodontics, so we can repair any damage caused by misalignment of your teeth and jaws.

Finally, if your dentistry's impaired by injury or a medical condition, we can offer both emergency treatment and ongoing dental care.

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What is new at Granta Dental?

Granta Dental now offer Myofunctional Orthodontics - Pre-orthodontic treatment for children 5 -15 years. Simple, safe and effective early orthodontic care. Book an appointment today.

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"The best hygiene that I have ever had, Neil really is a gentle giant".

"On many occasions I have left an examiniation with the distinct feeling of enlightenment -there are no secrets about Granta Dental treatment, only openess and clarity".

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