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The body in balance

I am a yoga therapist who joined the Granta Health team in Cambridge in November because I was excited about Granta Health's understanding of the need for collaborative efforts to affect real change in dentistry thorugh working with the Granta Dental team.  I am currently continuing my training in yoga therapy with the Devon School of Yoga, where I qualified as a yoga teacher.  My study of yoga over the last ten years has involved physical and academic work, as well as training as bodyworker in Integrated Myofascial Release. 

In my work for Granta Health, I assist clients to adapt to dental interventions along with a team of other therapists – a collaborative joined up approach.  While I use various styles of hands-on bodywork, such as remedial massage and intergrated myofascial release, I always approach therapy as a symbiotic process:  we work together to make positive changes, informed by your body’s own innate intelligence.  I can provide an environment and the support to facilitate these changes, but the skills I teach are for you to develop in clinic and during a lifetime.  It’s an exciting and empowering path and one I am very happy to be walking. I think my approach reflects the ethos at Granta Health too.

Last May I saw this first hand as I was privileged to meet with Dr Gavin James at his seminar Listening to the Machine at Granta Diagnostics, another company in the group.  It was not only hugely inspiring to listen to someone with such a depth of knowledge, passion for teaching and level of professional and personal integrity, but moreover, to see the spectrum of practitioners he attracted from various fields.

Although each arrived by a slightly different path (it was indeed an international affair), a sense of mutual understanding and respect was nurtured by Dr. James and Dr. Helen Harrison, both of whom emphasized the need for co-treatment and holistic thinking. 

As Dr James repeatedly demonstrated, if something is to change, everything has to change with it.  Our bodies are dynamic, self-regulating and immensely intelligent.  We are constantly changing on all levels, everything in nature is constantly fine tuning itself, transforming and flowing with the macrocosm.  When we resist change, we become stuck – physically, mentally and emotionally.  We close down to life. 

This is what I have found in treating patients too.  Being a yoga teacher, my role is almost paradoxical.  Yoga, Sanskrit for the word ‘yoke’ or ‘union’, offers a path back to oneself.  When are we ever not ourselves?  We might say that someone is not themselves when they are under stress, in pain or recovering from accidents or trauma.  Perhaps a better expression would be ‘out of balance’ and indicates where attention needs to be brought. And that is where we could all do with listening to the machine rather more than we do at present! My work at Granta Health provides me with the opportunity to work with people who are undergoing a process of change which includes driving progress and addressing difficulties - sometimes including challenges that they believe have already been overcome - and to encourage them to fully integrated and listen to their bodies.

As part of our commitment to these services during September Granta Health is offering One to One Yoga Therapy which will provide the support for developing your own home-practice which will grow and evolve with you, wherever life takes you.  Contact me to book an initial session at £40 - 33% off with GH33 code until the end of September.

Posted on 17 September 2014
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