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The story of our move to 39 Newnham Road

Part 1: The beginning

Granta Dental has recently moved into sparkling new premises at 39 Newnham Road. We'll tell you the story behind the scenes of the move to our new premises over the next few weeks in a series of postings on this blog. We begin with a brief history of Granta Dental and the context for the move …

The expansion of Granta Dental into new premises at 39 Newnham Road in July 2012 was no sudden decision. The practice has developed and grown from a single surgery start-up in 1990. The practice was first opened to allow Helen Harrison to deliver her professional skills to the local community in Newnham, a residential area of west Cambridge, close to the city centre where a sense of village community has persisted even as the city has grown.

In 1997, purchase of a building set back from the main road in a secluded courtyard secured the practice in its Newnham location and now with two surgeries, allowed for some expansion of services with the addition of part time specialist dentists and a hygienist to the team.  The objective was to provide high quality dental care with attention to individual need all in one location so that treatments requiring the skill of specialist dentists, implants, periodontal care (gum treatments) and  orthodontics  could be integrated into routine care at the same location.
The team at Granta Dental grew into a group of part-time professionals co-ordinated by Helen and her dental nursing team. Registered patients of the practice could expect that all their dental care needs would be provided at the one location but elements of any course of treatment may be delivered by different dentists. The rapid advances that we have seen in dentistry over recent years have required increasing specialisation with continuing training and development for dentists in order to keep up to date and provide excellent care. In order to maintain both a comprehensive and a high quality service, expansion was inevitable.

The premises at 53 Newnham Road have served Granta Dental very well. We have worked together as a team in restricted space, tailoring our services to work efficiently and smoothly. The intimate surroundings ensured that every member of the team had to be closely involved with looking after every visitor to the practice and it has been abundantly clear where we have not been able to meet our objectives.

The expansion to larger premises, more suited to our needs both to develop our popular services, meeting the requirements of our clientele and patients and encourage career progression and involvement of all our staff, has been an extended project. Over the last five years we have searched, made bids, sought planning permission and drawn up plans for three possible buildings. There has been no shortage of options but none required a deviation from our primary objectives of location, size and ethos for the practice. The move and expansion needed to be an organic process which built on all the successful elements of the practice, allowing sufficient scope to improve our customer service and providing space for future developments and opportunities.

39 Newnham Road is an extensive, self-contained premises with street frontage on this busy Cambridge thoroughfare and only some 50 metres from the existing practice premises. The solid building has had previous uses to include a garage and car showroom and more recently structural engineering and computer engineering offices.  It presented an opportunity for Granta Dental that could not be missed.

We have lots of photos to share about our move: here are just a few of them.

Planning ...


During ...

During construction ...

Afterwards ...

The results speak out loud and clear

Posted on 18 October 2012
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