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When the music stops

Granta Dental’s relocation to new premises in 2012 proved to be just the start of a significant journey for me and the practice, which has resulted in an exciting and challenging year in 2013.  Delivery of the physical potential of attractive and accessible space has acted as a catalyst for the realisation of my vision of the scope of dental care; a collaborative, team approach to an holistic, minimally invasive and personalised service involving a diverse range of professionals committed to the principles of lifelong dental health.

Social changes that have accompanied improved communications, social media and regulation place a pressure on every business and organisation to continuously respond, develop and innovate in order to stand still. Expectation inflation for speed, service and standards is a continual challenge to our fundamental objective of patient-centred care. There is a necessary continuous process of remodelling and change that involves every individual member of the team and impacts on every patient or client of our practice and this has been particularly noticeable as we have settled into our new environment with all the opportunities for expansion and extension of our services that it has offered.

Exciting as change and new opportunities are, these can cause disquiet and upset for some individuals for whom the risks or costs outweigh any benefits to them. This is especially true with interpersonal relationships and potentially stressful situations such as visiting the dentist. Innovation and development intended to benefit the majority can turn into a version of the children’s game of musical chairs. Do you remember the enjoyment and distraction of the dancing that left you with no chair to sit on when the music stopped? The arrangement of chairs changed while the dancing was most fun, just as the shape of a service or organisation can change around individuals who are the most committed or involved.

Sadly, for Granta Dental, we have seen this happen first hand as this has resulted in staff changes most notably the recent departure of Emma who has been the face of reception for fifteen years. As our paths diverge, we wish her every success and happiness for her personal development and change. This is part of a necessary journey that we see as an ongoing process with our patients, who from time to time, for individual reasons, decide that Granta Dental is perhaps not the right place for their continuing dental care.  When this occurs we want to be sure that there is no misunderstanding or failure to respond appropriately to the needs and expectations of our patients and staff alike.

In order to listen and respond to what is said, Granta Dental encourages active involvement and communication both at a personal and organisational level. Conversations, e-mails, text messages and social media allow us to convey ideas, complaints and preferences. The professional and ethical integrity of Granta Dental is based on creating and maintaining an environment where it is possible to deliver, receive and respond to frank and honest communications.

The outcome of these effective communications will not always be comfortable or convenient. We should accept this as a natural consequence of success and always use the realisation to direct us to new opportunities, ideas and directions. Observations, challenges and complaints are essential ingredients of success and excellence. As a patient, colleague or service partner, please communicate with us so that we can be sure that we know and understand what you really think about Granta Dental.  

If you are a patient at Granta Dental and you want to let us have your views on your last visit please complete our customer survey.

Posted on 3 December 2013
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