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Yoga, Remedial Massage and Integrated Myofascial Release


Have you tried everything?  Are you frustrated that there is no long term change? Come and see Granta Health's Tobias Taylor for a whole body - and mind - approach to posture, breath and their relationship to your physical health and mental and emotional balance


Tobias is offering a range of therapies and through a multi-disciplinary approach, his work with chronic stress, postural and mobility problems and trauma-resolution allows patients who have tried everything to move beyond these limitations and regain full, active and pain-free lives.

Working with prolonged and subtle touch, Tobias is able to relax and guide the patient’s attention into deep layers of restriction and create a supportive environment for the body’s innate intelligence to resolve hidden tensions and achieve lasting, positive change.

With a commitment to providing truly transformative bodywork, his continued training as a Yoga Therapist allows Tobias to present clients with an accessible range of tools, from physical exercises and self-massage to meditation and relaxation, empowering patients to self-treat and cultivate a positive relationship with the body. 

iMFR is an approach to Remedial Massage which focuses on the soft tissue which wraps around and infuses every muscle in your body, holding every organ and vessel in place.  All your bodily systems and overall structure are defined by this three-dimensional web, running from head to foot, front to back, skin to bone.  Relaxing, lengthening and easing this fascial web is hugely beneficial to those suffering from chronic or acute pain, recovering from accidents, injury or trauma, and those who experience reduced mobility.

The experience of a ‘straight jacket’ of tension is unfortunately a daily reality for many people.  They receive only temporary benefit from therapies, but the problem soon returns.  Often, people move from one therapist to the next, collecting diagnoses and labels without adequately resolving their problems.  The truth is, these restrictions often play a major role in protecting us from repeated pain and injury, and as such, may be re-enforced by unmindful interventions, no matter how well intended.

iMFR is different as it allows your body to feel into and ease areas of tension for itself in its own way, rather than being subjected to prescribed, sometimes forceful interventions.  A deeper awareness of your internal reality can easily be developed, allowing your body to literally let go of unresolved issues by itself.  Learning methods of self-treatment makes iMFR not only economically sustainable, but can also reduce the risk of future injury and accelerate the processes of other treatments and therapies you may be engaged in.

To book an introductory session with Tobias email reception@grantahealth.couk or call 01223 461381.  An inital consultation lasting one hour costs £60. 

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