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"Health starts with the mouth. How we breathe, how we eat, communicate and the way we look is fundamental to quality of life. Reassuring professional and personal service is offered on a private basis, specifically dedicated to specific needs." Dr Helen Harrison, Principal Dentist

Granta Dental has been caring for teeth and oral health since 1990. Our commitment is to personalised, holistic health care which puts the individual needs of the patient at the centre of everything we do.

We take time to work out with you an appropriate oral health plan, then we provide ongoing support and encouragement to help you maintain that plan - so you need as little treatment as possible.

Where you do need treatment, we naturally offer a full range of services including repairing oral decay and damage, hygienist visits, orthopaedics and orthodontics, and cosmetic procedures. We discuss everything with you at every stage to make sure you're satisfied with progress.

Above all, we recognise that your oral health has a crucial impact on your general health, well-being and quality of life - and that therefore it's essential you have the best possible care.

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Dentistry and Osteopathy

Dentistry and Osteopathy

Conditions affecting the mouth and teeth have a very direct effect on the rest of the body. A dental or jaw problem may be preventing you from getting the best results from your osteopath or chiropractor.

Action for Minimum Intervention

Action for Minimum Intervention

Preventing dental problems and avoiding fillings is about understanding individual needs and susceptibility. Choice of toothpaste or mouthwash based on saliva type or dietary requirements can make all the difference.



If you have to wear dentures there is no need to compromise on appearance. Glamorous and natural looking teeth can be achieved with no discomfort and shhh... no-one else needs to know!

Are you happy with the colour and appearance of your teeth?

Tooth whitening is simple to do and effective at any age. Pre-treatment assessment by a dentist included in the price. Just drop in to arrange an appointment, no need to register.

Worn, damaged teeth?

Worn, damaged teeth?

Nature made tooth enamel strong enough to last a lifetime. Worn and broken teeth indicate an imbalance usually associated with stress, tooth grinding and clenching. Is it time to get your tooth-life balance restored?

Non-surgical face lift

Non-surgical face lift

Tired, strained muscles around the face increase wrinkles and make you look older. Bite correction and toning of tongue muscles can relax the face and take years off your appearance.

What is new at Granta Dental?

Granta Dental now offer Myofunctional Orthodontics - Pre-orthodontic treatment for children 5 -15 years. Simple, safe and effective early orthodontic care. Book an appointment today.

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We want to treat you as little as possible!

At Granta Dental, we'd rather help you develop your oral health and so not need treatment - that's why we like you to see our Dental Hygienist regularly. But if you do develop problems, we have several techniques which keep intervention to a minimum.

Headaches, neck problems?

It could be TMD. Your jaw joints could be causing you all kinds of other pain. Come and talk to us about your symptoms.