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Biopak Centre

BioPAK Centres provide diagnostic scans for people concerned about the health of their jaw, teeth or face. We're delighted to be one of the UK's first such centres.

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You might need BioPAK services if you

  • are suffering general pain in your face, neck or back.
  • have clicks or pops in your jaw joints.
  • suffer discomfort when you chew.
  • have had a work accident or sports injury to your face.
  • are experiencing headaches or migraines.
  • have been involved in a road accident, even if you have no symptoms.
  • are thinking about implant or cosmetic dentistry and need to check your general facial health.

For any of these problems, we can gather information on the state of your bite and jaw joints; we do this through computerised bite analysis, joint vibration analysis and a questionnaire. If the scans seem normal, we give you a verbal report. If there is an abnormality we can provide a written differential diagnosis report.

We can also carry out a rehabilitation analysis. This includes a full examination of your teeth, joints and associated muscles, then further recommendations for treatment to help symptoms and repair damage.

If you've had an injury, perhaps during an accident, that leads to legal proceedings, we can also prepare a formal medico-legal report as an expert witness. This can give your lawyer the information needed to negotiate an appropriate settlement.