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For badly-damaged or missing teeth, implants are often the most effective, reliable and lifelike replacement. Unlike crowns, they're fixed into your jawbone, meaning that once fitted they can be practically indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Implants have been used for many decades, but their success has increased dramatically in recent years due to the work of Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark, who developed pure titanium implants that bond with bone. (The first dental implants to use this technique were placed three decades ago and many of them are still functioning perfectly.)

If you have a missing tooth, or if one of your teeth is badly damaged, an implant can be an excellent alternative to a crown, bridge or denture. An implant will look perfectly natural, will be strong and resilient, and will soon feel like your own natural teeth. But you need to understand both the benefits and the possible problems of treatment: the time treatment takes, the cost, and the need for careful long-term maintenance.

We'll support you in making the right decision for you, so we expect to take a considerable amount of time over the planning and preparation stage; if you need further information, a comparison with other treatments or a second opinion, of course we'll help you with this.