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Improving Health

Improving health

You may not have realised just how linked your dental health is with your general health - if one fails, it may cause problems in the other. We can help you avoid and solve these problems.

Health problems causing dental problems

If you're injured or have an accident where your dentistry suffers, we can treat that; also if you regularly do contact sports or risky activities, we can provide protective mouth-wear

If you're ill, taking continuous medication or receiving ongoing treatment, we can also help you manage the effect on your oral health. Talk to us about this, and encourage the practitioner who's managing your condition to see us as part of your health care team. For particular advice on managing oral cancer, click here.

While many bad breath problems are down to diet, tooth decay or gum disease, some are caused by medical conditions or medication; by the nose, throat or lung infection; by diabetes or kidney disease. If you're worried about this, see your GP; for more support on having fresh breath, talk to our dental hygienist.

Dental problems causing health problems

If your mouth and jaw are misaligned, you may get headaches, joint problems, sore neck, postural and breathing issues. We can do a joint vibration analysis and a computerised bite analysis to help discover any links, then offer a variety of treatments and appliances to help. We can also make sure that young people grow up with correct bite alignment so they avoid such problems altogether.

Infection in your mouth can not only erode your teeth and weaken your gums; it can also cause infection in other parts of your body. Our hygienist will be able to diagnose oral infection and we also offer saliva testing as a further diagnostic tool. We also offer a variety of treatments, including ozone treatment and photo-activated (laser) disinfection.

In addition, dental problems can trigger sleep disturbance which can seriously impact your health and mood. And if you suspect that mercury fillings may be affecting your health, we can discuss with you what needs to be done.

You can help yourself in all these cases by understanding how oral problems happen, by good oral hygiene, by regular hygienist visits, by keeping your gums healthy, and by making sure your teeth and bite are well aligned.

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