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Joint Vibration Analysis

Joint vibration analysis

When you move your jaw, your jaw joints rub together. If those joints are smooth and well-aligned, they'll rub together smoothly; if they are misplaced, damaged or badly aligned, then they'll create friction and vibration.

Joint Vibration Analysis is a system that records joint vibrations as they pass through your tissues, giving a view of the pressure waves; different jaw joint problems give different vibrations and allow us to understand what is happening in your joints. This means we can spot problems even before you have any pain or other symptoms, which in turn means we can treat you earlier and more effectively.

The procedure is simple and painless - we place instruments like headphones over your jaw joints then ask you to open and close your mouth several times. The computer records the vibrations and saves the information for our analysis. We can then report the results to you to assist with care and treatment decisions.

At Granta Dental we include a JVA screening in every routine adult checkup. The objective information is included in our treatment recommendations, particularly to avoid unnecessary interventions.