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Orthopaedics & Orthodontics

Jaw joint treatment

Orthopaedics is the treatment of misaligned jaws; orthodontics is the treatment of misaligned teeth. The two together act to create a well-structured and healthy environment in your mouth.

Correctly aligned jaws and straight teeth have several practical advantages. Cleaning is easier, reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities; there's less wear on teeth, reducing the risk of fracture; your bite is improved, reducing the risk of problems with speaking, chewing and swallowing. Also, straight teeth look good, helping you feel positive about your appearance and yourself.

It's best to start young; children will always benefit from regular dental developmental checks. But it's also never too late to correct misalignment; some estimates suggest that more than 50% of adults could benefit from some type of orthopaedic or orthodontic treatment.

In particular, treatment might help if you have any of these symptoms:

  • noticeably crooked teeth
  • gaps between your teeth
  • crowded teeth
  • protruding teeth
  • a deep bite (vertical overlapping of your upper and lower teeth)
  • an open bite (certain teeth can't be brought into contact)
  • difficulty chewing your food
  • chronic headaches, neck or jaw pain
  • clicking sounds when you open your mouth
  • embarrassment about the appearance of your teeth