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Sleep Disturbance Treatments

Sleep disturbance treatments

At first sight, it may seem as if sleep disturbance isn't a dental issue; but if you're suffering, then dental care can help you manage the problem.

Snoring can not only be embarrassing - it can also disrupt your sleep and your partner's sleep; you may even end up sleeping in different bedrooms.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea means that you stop breathing while asleep and then breathe in again with a gasp, snort or choking sound. These breathing interruptions reduce the oxygen levels in your blood, your brain reacts to this and releases adrenalin which causes you to wake up. This cycle can occur many times during the night.

We can help with both these problems. First, we offer a Home Sleep Study assessment; you fill in a questionnaire and use a simple recording device over a single night to monitor your sleep patterns. The results are then assessed by a sleep physician who will give you a diagnosis and treatment plan.

We can also give you a dental appliance to wear every night, which will temporarily reposition your lower jaw, tongue and soft palate, so opening up your airway and making it less likely you'll snore or stop breathing.

In the meantime, our therapists can perhaps help you. Try our relaxation meditation find out more about our Granta Health therapists who might be able to help you and make an appointment.

Professionals looking to refer a patient for sleep assessment go to our referral page here.