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Sports Performance Support

Sports performance support
If you play sport, we can support you by treating you when you're injured, by offering protection against injury, and by providing performance-enhancing mouthwear.

Injuries to the mouth are the most common type of damage occurring during contact sports. If you suffer an injury, you need to visit us as soon as you can so that we can assess the damage and offer you treatment where necessary.

Ring us on 01223-461381 to arrange an appointment. If you're ringing outside normal surgery hours, you'll be directed to an emergency number for immediate treatment; if you want to ring this direct it is 01223-281818. For details of our emergency charges, click here.


Mouth injuries often don't heal completely, so they can entail further treatment throughout life. So it's vital to make sure that if you (or your child) plays sport, you're properly protected.

We can provide mouthwear which not only guards your teeth from chipping or fracturing but also cushions your jaw joint against heavy impact. We'll also make sure that your mouthguard fits well, is comfortable, and lets you breathe easily.

Performance enhancement

Wearing a mouthguard can also enhance your sports performance. Here's the explanation why:

When you're challenged and under stress - as you typically are when playing any kind of sport - your jaw naturally clenches. Doing this not only restricts your airway and so deprives you of oxygen; it also increases your level of cortisol. Cortisol in turn drains your energy, makes you fatigued and distracted, and so saps your performance. If you can both increase available oxygen and reduce your level of cortisol - by reducing the amount you clench your jaw - you'll feel less tired and be able to perform better.

We offer various types of mouthguard which can stop you clenching your jaw, open up your airway, and so increase your strength and endurance and reduce your reaction times.

At your first visit, the dentist will take an impression of your mouth and register your bite. We then send that information to the laboratory where your mouthguard is made. On a second visit, your mouthguard is fitted.

We can give you full details of the kinds and prices of guard we provide.


Mouthguards both for protection and for performance enhancement will be indelibly marked with your name so they don't get lost or confused with those of other players. We can also make special arrangements for teams and clubs.