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White Fillings

white fillings

Teeth that have been damaged due to decay or slight trauma can be an incredible nuisance for many patients; fillings are intended to support and protect teeth that have suffered from the likes of decay and therefore can be a great addition to your smile.

Many people believe that all fillings are made from an unsightly metal which covers the teeth, leaving a darkened replacement in their teeth. However, here at Granta Dental, we know that this can put people off fillings which is why we offer a much more subtle and suitable option.

Made from porcelain or composite resin, our white filling alternatives offer a much more desirable option, meaning that they blend perfectly into teeth while still ensuring that teeth remain strong and durable.

Our white or tooth-coloured fillings aim to tackle decay and prevent any further damage to teeth, all the while ensuring that they’re as discreet as possible.

Not only are they subtle and discreet, but white fillings also offer the benefit of not containing any mercury or metal, therefore they’re also a much healthier alternative to traditional metal fillings.

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