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Your Dental Checkup

What to expect from your checkup

A dental check up at Granta Dental is designed to provide every patient with objective measurements of the factors that influence dental and oral health. Whether the check is required to investigate a problem, or for routine reassurance and screening it will always include the following items:

  • A review of general health and wellbeing
  • Examination of the lips, tongue and skin lining the mouth for ulcers and screening for early signs of systemic disease or cancer
  • Gums, saliva and hygiene.
  • Teeth, for cavities, cracks, wear and broken fillings

With a full assessment, you will also be screened for:

  • TMJ (jaw joints)
  • Muscles, sore face and jaw muscles can cause considerable pain and disruption to swallowing, chewing and breathing

Why is screening important?

Monitoring or screening of these elements of oral health with objective measurements helps us to accurately find the source of any problem or pain, identify early signs of problems and implement effective prevention or avoidance of problems. Screening for oral dysfunction allows us to reduce the need for expensive, interventive treatments while protecting teeth, gums and jaw joints and reducing any ill-effects on general health.

The temporomandibular joints are particularly difficult to assess with a manual or visual examination. Joint vibration analysis records the function of the joint and reliably identifies the presence of any disruption to the joint even in the absence of symptoms. M-Scan is a quick assessment of the activity of the muscles using surface stickers. Muscle tension and over-use can cause pain that can be confused with tooth pain and is important diagnostic information.

Both the JVA and M-Scan is included in the price of every full adult (over 18) dental examination. The results of these tests are reviewed at subsequent routine examinations to provide an objective guide to the function and condition of the Temporomandibular Joint.

Additional more detailed tests and records may be required. These include x-rays, photographs, saliva tests, swallowing and chewing function tests. Every individual has specific needs with regard to further tests and these are carried out according to individual need and charged separately from the consultation fee.